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Techinical Information


Contact a qualified installer to install Solarium®. Before installation read and follow the instructions attached to the invoice.



  • Use a diamond disk ventilated tile to cut Solarium®;
  • In outdoors áreas, all gardens and top soil usage must be already finished prior to Solarium® installation;
  • Keep the installation area clean;
  • The sub floor must be well leveled and cleaned before installation;
  • Immediately before installation dump wet the sub floor and clean the back of each tile with a wet brush;
  • Use mortar type AC III both on the sub floor and back of each tile (back butter);
  • Slightly press each tile with finger and use a rubber hammer protected with duct tape;
  • Minimum grout must be 4 mm and grouting must be done only after 72 hours of Solarium® is installed;
  • Attention! Before grouting protect Solarium® tiles edges with adhesive tape. Apply the grout and remove the tape after 30 minutes of the grouting being
  • Do not grout during intensive hot days;
  • Solarium must be the last product installed on the job site;
  • Avoid traffic 3 days after the installation.