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  • Solarium ® Products are high performance concrete claddings. They are sophisticated products with high refinement and peculiarities;
  • Solarium ® claddings are handcrafted with white structural cement, in all of its lines of products. Its application may be made indoors or outdoors, depending on the item purchased;
  • Solarium ® claddings have excellent thermal performance; absorb less heat
    than other products when used in outdoor areas exposed to the sun. Although, as with any other material, dark colors absorb more heat than light colors.
    The light colors on our color chart are: WHITE, TRAVERTINE, GREY, and FENDI being White the color of most thermal comfort and the smallest being Fendi.
    The dark colors on Solarium’s color chart are: TERRACOTA, FUNGHI, ASH, MOKA, COAL and COKE. The TERRAVIVA line has particular composition so it does not have non-heat conducting properties;
  • As Solarium ® is a handcrafted product, each Solarium piece can show minor variations in color. This detail is intended to enhance the appearance and the exclusivity of our line of products.;
  • Pigments are added during manufacturing and they follow standard ASTM C979 relative to resistence to UV rays;
  • Color on printed material or published on our website may have variations from actual pavers. It is recommended that you verify your selection at our Representatives Stores.