Informaciones técnicas

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Techinical Information


  • The deck of the truck/trailer shall be protected with a plastic liner (to be supplied by carriers);
  • The tiles shall be arranged vertically along the truck trailer, from the frontwall (bulkhead) to the back of the trailer;
  • All tiles and pavers shall be placed ‘face to face’ so that back of the tile surfaces face each other and colored surfaces face each other; Coping tiles should be arranged so that they ‘fit’ into each other (a bull nose coping facing one side and another bull nose coping facing the opposite side);
  • Nothing shall be placed on top of the tiles;
  • E.V.A. must be placed between the rows of tiles so that the pieces do not touch each other directly, and the rows must be tied together in pairs;
  • The truck that collects the packaging materials must be the same one that delivers the Solarium ® product to the client. Forwarding and trans-shipment movement are not recommended.